Learning to Speak Life™ Podcast


Tune in to the Learning to Speak Life™ Radio Show!

Michael and Carlie Kercheval have signed on with the Ultimate Radio Network to do their own radio show. The show is called: Learning to Speak Life: The Delicate Art of Taming The Tongue.

The show will be focusing on the biblical truths surrounding the importance of speaking life-giving words no matter the circumstance. This information will be relevant for new believers as well as the seasoned saints as no one has their tongue under control. But the good news? God has blessed us with His powerful, life-giving word to speak life in situations where there seems to be no hope.

You can tune into the Learning to Speak Life™ Podcast every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 8pm PST on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network!

Be sure to subscribe to the show via iTunes.